Having this arrangement above my toilet makes my porcelain throne that much better than yours. #classic #pooh courtesy of @merelygrace

Song Of The Day

Song Of The Day: “Breathe Again” by Sara Bareilles

Straight from DJ Quackles: I got the @operationchristmaschild Media Coordinator role for my area. Now I just need to hear back from my job interview! Day 6 yes!

What a beautiful day! Day 6? #sky #clouds #sun #sunrise #kcmo

#goodmorning #coffee #mug #suitup for #friday I’ll let my coffee dress fancier than me today since I wore suits and heels the rest of the week.

#throwback Thursday! This goes back to 8th grade graduation 10 years ago. Time flies!

I finally got to take myself on a date with myself on the plaza. I spontaneously treated myself to some Mexican after my interview as a little celebration. (at Chuy’s Kansas City)

It’s time for my big interview! Thanks for all the prayers everyone. I’m anxious to see how it unfolds.

I’ve repainted my #nails to have a more conservative feel for my interview tomorrow. Here’s my first #manicure this week that looks a bit like an underwear pattern.

Day four in a row? Eh. I had an interview today! This was not long before I scored my big interview for tomorrow! I’m so excited to go back to that office!