I felt like a rainbow exploded on me this morning after dressing myself in so much color. Then I got to work and saw another rainbow! Who else spends enough time in front of the computer to have it reflect their colorful personality?

#goodmorning #kcmo #sunrise #clouds #sun #sky

#mancrushmonday This came across my Facebook newsfeed. I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, but it seems fitting for thinking of love or a #mancrush today.

Nour Ibrahim - A7babi 2014 / احبابي - نور أبراهيم

#manicuremonday My #nails are blue with link #heart bursts this week. #manimonday

The sky from the weekend will take us into a new week. The clouds change, but the infinite reach of the sky never does.

#latergram of the skies outside my office the morning of my first Friday at work. Now my second week begins!

I’m gazing off my back deck, imagining Kensia here rather than simply in my book.

#selfiesunday I busted my boots out again today. A couple at Burger King complimented me about them and told me about their getups and country dancing. Too bad I missed my dance last night.

Song Of The Day: “Caught Up In You” by .38 Special